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The Kilowatt Bag is NOT steathy, stylish or ergonomic. Its sole design considerations are to mount as easily as possible and to hold a Kilowatt-hour or more of LiPo batteries. It is Utility, pure and simple.

The design is a "Top Tube Saddle Bag" that sits in front of the rider, mid-frame for good weight distribution.

The bag is made from 1000 denier Cordura on the exterior and Genuine Nomex Fire-resistant fabric on the interior. The compartments are lined with 3/8" thick closed cell foam to provide some protection to the batteries. However in the event of a crash, there is potential for battery damage unless the user provides additional rigid structure to the batteries. 1/8" Masonite may be a good solution for those interested in additional cell protection, and should not add significantly to the weight or volume.

If you already have a Falcon EV triangle frame bag or EM3EV triangle Frame bag, or other similar triagle frame bag, the Kilowatt Bag can strap over and around the Triangle Frame Bag. The rear velcro strap may not be able to fasten in this case, but should not otherwise affect the secure attachment of the Kilowatt Bag.

The bag has large compartments on either side.

Standard size:

The interior clear dimensions of each compartment measure approximately 3" x 10" x 7 1/2" Tall (75mm x 254mm x 190mm Tall). This space was optimized to fit a wide range of common HobbyKing LiPo batteries.
The following combinations of battery will fit in the compartments in vertical orientation (BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED):

4S-5Ah Turnigy 20C Hardcase Packs: 6 each side for a total of 12 Packs. 888 Watt-Hours, 12S-20Ah, or 24S-10Ah
4S-5Ah Turnigy 20C Soft packs: 8 each side for a total of 16 Packs. 1184 Watt-Hours, 16S-20Ah, or 32S-10Ah
5S-5Ah Turnigy 20C soft packs: 6 each side for a total of 12 packs. 1110 Watt-hours, 15S-20Ah, or 30S-10Ah
6S-5Ah Turnigy 20C soft packs: 5 each side for a total of 10 Packs. 1110 Watt-Hours, 30S-10Ah
6S-10Ah Multistar 10C soft packs: 4 each side for a total of 8 packs. 1776 Watt-hours. 12S-40Ah, or 24S-20Ah
6S-16Ah Multistar 10C soft packs: 3 each side for a total of 6 packs. 2131 Watt-Hours. 18S-32Ah
4S-10Ah Multistar 10C soft packs: 7 each side for a total of 14 packs. 2072 Watt-Hours. 28S-20Ah
4S-16Ah Multistar 10C soft packs: 3 each side for a total of 6 packs. 1420 Watt-Hours. 12S-32Ah or 24S-16Ah

Magnum Size:

The Magnum Kilowatt Bag is 50% longer - because sometimes you want to go deep... into the forest. Each side's compartment measures 3" x 15" x 7.5". 

The Kilowatt Bag hangs low and may collide with your front wheel, depending on the size and geometry of your bicycle. There is some adjustment on the front strap to allow rear movement of the bag towrads the bicycle seat. Users should mock up the bag dimensions on their bike frame prior to purchasing.
The bag is fairly wide and may rub the riders legs when pedaling. The purpose of this bag is to allow for ample battery capacity so that riders will not need to pedal.
While the bag does have top flaps, to keep rain out, it is not completely sealed against weather, so some water intrusion is possible when exposed to prolonged or heavy rain. Wire management & routing (by others) may also contribute to water intrusion. It is recommended that users remove the batteries and air-dry the bag after a wet ride.

This bag is currently crafted locally in Seattle, Washington using quality materials, by a professional seamstress. As such, and at this time, the cost to manufacture the bag is higher than can be expected from similar products mass-produced outside of the country. The Kilowatt bag is a Custom Bag, and I have to price it accodingly.

See the Video Demo here.