Custom Norco Six SE in Camo

I built this ebike for myself over the course of two years. It's been a labor of love (and some tears), but well worth the time investment. 

Based on the highly regarded Norco Frames from Canada, this 2007 Norco Six SE quad-link suspension frame was modified to add the Battery box. My AutoCAD expertise came in especially handy in this process. 

The 4-color camo finish is actually a "CeraKote" (Oven-cured ceramic coating) done by Man Bling Customs in Arlington, WA. CeraKote is most often used in firearms finishing, as it it supremely scratch resistant and durable. 

I was utterly thrilled with how the finish turned out. 

Over the course of the project I had been collecting parts for the build. This included a set of Rockshox Boxxer World Cup Dual Crown Forks, and direct-mount stem. I completed the bike with some of the best components available, including a Chris King headset, Hope 4 Hubs, Magura M5Te hydraulic brakes with 203mm rotors, SRAM Monarch RL Shock, and an 11-speed Shimano M8000 drivetrain. 

The drive system was a frequent case of indecision on my part, oscillating between a 3000W Direct Drive Hub Motor, or various high-powered mid drive systems. After much deliberation, I finally decided to do a Bafang BBSHD build, powered by the Grin Tech "Phase Runner" controller, and a 72V-15Ah Lithium Ion battery pack. (20S5P Samsung 30Q cells with 80A BMS) as always, the website Endless-sphere, where I am a long-time member, provided invaluable assistance in this regard. For those looking to build their own BBSHD-Phaserunner project, here is a link to useful information. 

The first time I test rode this ebike, in the low gear, it launched out from under me. I was lucky enough to stay on my feet and keep a hold onto the bike. It does raise the hairs on my back still thinking about that. 

As for noise, the cassette freewheel makes more noise than the motor does.

This bike is as stealthy as you can get. 

 Now to find some trails to ride...